May 2, 2017

This story started about a year ago, talking with people in the ADFSuite at Pantheacon, there even might have been alcohol to lubricate the tongue but we were discussing what was missing in ADF. someone brought up that there was a lack of connection or community and I asked what could be done. A newsletter was discussed, the Lists and the Northwest Region Newsletter were also brought up, but I brought up my belief that we didn't need another thing to fill up our inboxes when there were so many already.
Podcasts was brought up. Bringing in a new format that could act as a newsletter but be accessible to more people was talked about and then put away. 6 months later and I began to think in earnest of starting a podcast but didn't know exactly where to begin, I asked for help and advice but it was all down to doing it and starting from there. Another six months of personal debate and hard work on the part of myself and many others and here we are!